Urge G8 Leaders to Call for Release of All Detained Activists in Iran

Hundreds of people have been detained in Iran since the June 12th announcement of the disputed presidential election results. The detainees include prominent political leaders who opposed President Ahmadinejad during the campaign, student leaders, journalists, human rights lawyers and women’s rights activists.

Many of these detainees have now been held for weeks without charge or trial and with little or no access to the outside world. They have neither access to legal counsel nor contact with their family members. Reportedly, some of the detainees are being tortured to prompt confessions of instigating and organizing the mass protests that followed the June 12th announcement.

Leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) will meet in Italy later this week. Human Rights First is calling on the G8 leaders to issue a collective statement expressing serious concern regarding the widespread violations of human rights that have occurred in Iran since June 12. Additionally, this collective statement should call for the immediate and unconditional release of all of those detained in Iran for the non-violent exercise of their basic rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Fonte: http://action.humanrightsfirst.org/campaign/IranElections/xgiw8eu427x3m3j6

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